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Has anyone else experienced games where someone on the other team will play as Sylvanas, and then just sit in that lane pushing til they get the fort? Even when the objective comes up, like at Alterac, your team of 5 will vs 4 of their team and she'll just sit in lane. At least for my time, we did get the objective, but all we got out of it was the first wall and towers, while she got our fort before the objective even finished.

There's no punishment at all. What advantage did we get for winning objective when she just sat in lane getting our fort? Shouldn't there be some kind of significant reward for the team that gets the objective? Yet no matter what, Sylvanas and most specialists get rewarded for ignoring objective. So much for this game being an objective based game, all the while they give these heroes tools to ignore the objective and don't get punished for it.

And for reference, I actually enjoy playing as a specialists, but I'm never one of these people that just sits in lane pushing while objective goes on. Why? Because you're leaving your team one short for team fights and risking them losing the objective while you just sit in lane doing pretty much nothing. But then whenever I see specialists do this, they don't get punished and their team is somehow able to keep up in a 4v5.
Send someone to stop her...?
Pre-nerf Sylv is why I started practicing Zeratul.

Anyways, it's one of those things that's just part of the game, and its a playstyle with its own strengths and weaknesses. There are many heroes who take a hit to their team fighting capability in order to excel elsewhere, and Sylvanas is one of those who trades that raw power in exchange for shutting down structures and allowing a greater ability to take advantage of a winning fight (whereas other teams would have to wait for a minion wave, go get a camp, etc).

You counter her by counter-pressuring. If Sylv is down in a lane, then she's not fighting with her team, and you are more likely to win. If you decide the value of the objective is less than what Sylv can score on her own, send someone down to handle her and suddenly you've neutralized her entire advantage. She's trying to earn value by winning elsewhere than the main fight, and she can't do that if she's stuck against something that fights back.

Sylv isn't much of a duelist, and with her nerfs, you don't even necessarily need to kill her to deny her damage, just shoo her off - now you're back to 4v4 at the main fight, and 1v1 in Sylv's lane, completely shutting off her advantage. Obviously you can't just send just anyone over to do it (ah, the woes of support), but there's many characters you can jump her with, score the kill, and then get back to the fight.

You don't "punish" her by winning an early objective that might get one set of walls, you punish her by actually punishing her, and killing her for even thinking of leaving her team alone. You can kill her with Zeratul, with Alarak, with Kerrigan, with Genji, and heck, you can even nab her with Dehaka if you know what you're doing, and he doesn't even have anything like a Sonya leap to just hop on her with. If you can't outright kill her, many of the strong solo laners can at least break even with her - with experience, you will know who can make the kill and who can just contest.

Sylvanas' real power is in her ability to allow her team to capitalize on winning fights and objectives, shutting down towers to preserve her team's health and that of map-specific vehicles. Solo Sylv is what people do when they don't know how to play her - they shouldn't be a problem, they should be easy kills.
Send someone defense syl ? And teamfight should be 4v4, if you win teamfight as 4v4 you will got reward, but if no one stop her, and teamfight is 5v4 you shouldn't got any reward because it's 5v4 :D
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Send someone to stop her...?

This. And if you encounter such a situation while playing a support like Ana, Morales, Uther and so on.. Then you just discovered the reason why most top players are assassin mains.

You can't really punish a solo pushing Sylvanas if you are no credible threat to her and have no realistic way to push her out of the lane or kill her.

Being at the mercy of your teammates to do things like that is just not a viable strategy. You have to do it yourself.
It can be a legitimate strategy. Sylvanas is the strongest solo lane pusher if left uncontested since the only thing stopping her are the gate towers and even those do not last long due to her disabling at least half of them. If left uncontested she will get forts down very fast by herself, especially as her level increases.

The problem is that many people are ignorant of Sylvanas mechanics. Instead they go to 4v5 an objective and team wipe and give the enemy the objective and a level advantage undoing all of Sylvanas's work.

Instead of suiciding 4v5, they should split 3 people to Sylvanas and leave the best poke/escape at the objective. The enemy will either not stop the push in which case they have lost a fort and possibly most of a keep for the objective, a fair trade. If they do split off to stop the push then that 1 player can stall the objective, potentially costing the enemy the objective and a fort. Important is to avoid deaths since chances are Sylvana's team will have a level advantage due to the extra lane/soak time.

Late game when objectives matter more she has to partake in teamfights. However by then she better have many forts/keeps down or it will likely be a loss anyway.
There are several heroes who should not be left unchecked. Sylvanas is one of them. The longer you let her push, the bigger minion army she gets. People tend to underestimate ranged minions and then they wonder why their forts disappear.
I've pushed down a keep before first objective dropped because nobody showed up until it was too late lol they did show while the keep was alive but I ring around the rosey'd them while they waited for a second hero to show up but it was too late lmfao
we got our asses kicked, couldn't dislodge their team from our base a few minutes later & they rolled two keeps down and were killing our core over the course of 3 lost teamfights with us not able to get them out of our base at all, and then... won. Because I got us catapults and their super, super fruitful, valueable & unstoppable long-push meant nobody could afford to go back and clear minions lol

I've even just snuck thru jungle past a full-health fort to just go straight for the keep before lol
Something that might help, is that she has to reactivate her ghost wave to move to it, so timing your stun/grab/silence at the right time leaves her with no escapes.

I've seen a good sylvanas pop her ghost early to only move a couple feet which throws off the attacker's timing, it's a skill match-up.
I read a Topic about "I played with specialist and i was banned"
That dude did the sylvana stuff what are you mentioned, and he was banned for it.
So this seems to be a lose-lose situation to me.

I personally i would ask our sylvana to do pushing, or i would do that with my team in that 30 sec while they together try to collect that one stuff. You can collect so many xp by doing that.

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