The game isn't fun anymore

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After yet another 0-10 Hero League start, I've had enough. HotS simply isn't fun anymore, and hasn't been for quite some time.

Hero League ranking and matchmaking is simply broken; according to HotSLogs, my HL MMR is over 1000 points lower then either Quick Match or Unranked Draft, and in HL I am only taking my best heroes. I don't why Blizzard simply doesn't do rank=MMR; the extra slotting makes HL unplayable.

Beyond that, Blizzard keeps re-working heroes, oftentimes for no reason. One day I wake up and find all the heroes I like have been massively re-worked and are either OP and never available, or worse then they were before.

After two years and ~1500 games, I'm giving HotS the most damning indictment I can give it: It's not fun anymore. I'm done.
Actually that overwatch.

It is because the game is not centered on classes of hero. EVERY SINGLE GAME IS DETERMINED BY THE CC POWER OF THE TEAM. No exceptions. I have been observing this now for some time and you can 100% predict the outcome of a match by simply comparing the cc brought to the game.

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