Time to delete Lucio?

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As healers go, is he viable as a healer in 2018? People seem to die all around him in game as if his presence was meaningless. The burst is too high for his passive heal?
By your logic, delete Mal too, he cant burst heal.
a good sound barrier can still turn a fight on it's head.... sure he isn't top tier and sure I hate the idea of a rollerblading DJ but he still has some use.
At level 10 he gets sound Barrier which is one of the best support skills in the game, except against Varian or a select few heroes with anti-shield talents. As long as you time sound barrier right you will basically cancel most of the enemy team's damaging skills giving you a fair amount of time to deal damage to them unhindered. At level 20 this can be improved sacrificing duration for a stupidly low 30 second cooldown.

He also has a low cooldown knockback, useful for interrupting stationary channels or long wind up abilities. It can also help split enemies from vulnerable heroes by taking advantage of Lucio's wall grind no collisions to pass through them and knockback the pursuing enemy.

Finally is his extremely powerful speedboost. This passively gives all allies a 15% (talentable to 20%) speed bonus which is 1/2 (talentable 2/3) of the speed bonus of mounting, without needing to mount. When amp it up is used this is increased to 45% (talentable 60%) speed bonus which is 50% (talentable 100%) faster than being mounted for the duration. Being able to provide the entire team mount like movement speed at the press of a button is extremely strong and well worth his slightly lower sustained healing numbers.

His other ultimate is also not that bad for those cases where the enemy has no burst damage or has Varian. 1 second more of amp it up is a huge boost, and reverse amp with speed aura gives even the lest mobile heroes on your team the ability to chase some of the most mobile heroes.

The only problem with Lucio is his damage. He basically has as good as none. Sure his fantastic mobility can be used to finish off critically injured fleeing heroes, but that is really about it. Even his reverse amp healing boost is not that good, dealing just ~900 damage to all enemies that are stupid enough to remain inside its area for its full duration. To put it in perspective untalented Mephisto's Lightning Nova deals more damage than that in a fraction of the time and does not have a 45 second cooldown.

For this reason Lucio suffers badly in HL. He is a fantastic high end support pick, but all his utility is worth nothing if your allies are dead all the time, fail to take advantage of it or deal no damage. If you are at a high league it is probably alright to use him, but I strongly recommend against using him at low leagues as you will likely fall below a 50% win rate with him. There your allies would likely benefit more from larger healing numbers from heroes like Stukov or Whitemane than from extra movement speed and anti burst.
Malfurion has something Lucio lacks, AoE CC. Malfurion is never picked because he heals. He is picked for his kit that includes large circles of influence upon an enemy.

Any support without CC is not going to make it anymore.
Maybe because the said Lucios have switched his passive into the speed boost?
10/01/2018 10:15 AMPosted by Firefly63
Malfurion has something Lucio lacks, AoE CC.
Tell that to reverse amp speed boost... All your allies move at near mount speed while the enemy is heavily slowed. Sure it is not root, but they might as well be standing still. If your team needs CC that is, since speed boost alone means you are always faster than your enemies.

Actually what Malfurion has that Lucio lacks is area denial (the threat of root persists for a while after cast) and Silence (stops the enemy dealing ability damage and ability CC). Malfurion gets these at a cost however since his personal mana sustain is absolutely terrible, unlike Lucio who has pretty good mana sustain. Lucio can use his abilities on cooldown for a long time before running out of mana and fountains alone are usually enough to recharge him. Malfurion would be lucky to make it through a team fight with any mana remaining from full mana and fountains are just a drop in the ocean for him.
No, it's not time to delete him, it's time for a talent rework.

His talent tree is outdated, most tiers you have different talents that works basically the same and his 16 is just a math problem (team with high HP = rejuvenecencia, team with lots of squishies = bring it together).

Also, the reason you see a lot of people dying around him is because most Lucios are always on healing mode, which you should use basically when you want to amp it up. You should stay in speed mode almost all the time, because speeding your team = them dodging skills so you don't need to heal them + help team with engage (of course, people stay still on lower ranks, so you have a problem there).

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