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I can’t tell if she’s op or just finally viable. Playing against her with a good healer can make her feel oppressive, but playing as her I feel as if I can do so much more then I ever could. Is this how strong she’s meant to feel? Or is she just busted.
I think her ravage build is undertuned, her W at level 4 is overtuned, her "destroyable ice block" isn't very's mixed. She has one build that feels pretty strong but if you were to ask me if it felt stronger than Mephisto or Azmodan or not really. She has a lot of trash talents as well like the double explosion from her W and her spell armor talent is too short of a duration (presumably you're comboing someone if you're E'ing them so the effective uptime is really low)...she basically just has one really strong build and lots of otherwise mediocre talents.

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