Idiotic plays..... repeatedly!

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Hey guys,

So what are some plays that yourself, your team or the other team keeps getting wrong!?

So I was naz and activated ice block @ level 13 and they had Kael. 1st Kael tried to pyroblast me, I iceblocked it. Fair enough, he was testing the waters and prob didn't know I had Ice Block....

2nd time.... he did it. Ice blocked
3rd time..... ICE BLOCKED..

im like.... get the hint, i can block it.

Nope..... 6 TOTAL times he tried and 6 times I ice blocked it... omg why....
What's really funny is when he uses that move.... while you're Murky
Reminds me of the Blaze I threw into my fort in single lane with Garrosh. He made the same mistake 3 times of charging at the gate just for me to walk up to him and throw him into the fort. I think 2 other people also fell for it but nothing like Blaze since he burned his escape getting to the gate...

In similar single lane I also killed a Stiches 3 times, with Stiches! Classic hook + gorge combo into fort. One would have thought he would have known about that combo...
and there is the reason why cant stop being toxic. when i get someone like that on my team.. i just lose it
Naz really shouldn't have ice block to begin with. I know this isn't related to your topic.. just saying.

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