Collection "new item" on Tabs wrong Index

Bug Report
If you get new items in your collection tab, then everything seems fine until "Mounts" tab.
The next tab "Banner" and every following tabs, seem to have a wrong index or something.
It shows me "15 new items", but if I navigate to the Banner tab, it shows me "0 new items".
The next one with "Sprays" where it says "2 new items", but within the tab, the sum of all new items is actually 15 (remember the new items in Banner Tab? Yes, it was 15!).
The next one is "Announcer" with "11 new items", but within there are just "2 new items" (yep, like the one from "Spray" tab).

So it seems like after the "Mount" tab, the output is something like $newItemCount[$index+1], which is obviously one too much.

Image to show exact position with behaviour:
I came here to report the same thing. New items ping are showing in the wrong collection tab.

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