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Is there a way to blacklist what maps you play on and what quests you get? If not could there be? I am so tired of Hanamura and AP. It's to the point that I legitimately get a headache after playing either of these maps for only a couple of minutes.

And OW heroes. I hate them. I hate playing them, I love killing them and I only own two of them because of random chance. STOP making me level them via quests, PLEASE. I don't want to play OW heroes, if I can't abandon quests like I can in every other game at least let me blacklist them so I don't get quests that make me want to not play a game I've spent money on. Please.
Maps you can't control outside of custom games. They're doing a reduced map rotation because of the recent new maps which everyone hates but they keep doing for reasons that they think make sense.

Quests you can control. Youll never get duplicate quests so if you just forego one day of quests you'll never have to do the overwatch heroes quest
When it comes to quests, you can do 1 of 3 things:

1. play a draft mode, since no matter what you pick it counts for play as (role/franchise) quests.

2. Clear the quest. Could even just do it in beginer ai to clear it quick.

3. If you do not play draft modes, you can effectively prevent getting the quest again by keeping it in your log and not completing it.
id love a blacklist as well

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