100k healing quest not tracking values

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same problem : v
I'm glad to know it's not just me having this issue.
2nd time, now with withemane. 145k of heal. At the end of game in statistics shows ZERO
Another one bites the dust... I too suffer the malady of computational glitches. Whitemane's quest is the only one I want. Please fix this
Just won a game as Morales with 55k healing, didn't register at all. My friend who had 22k (Mapman#1703) healing as Yrel also experienced same issue, with no healing registering for the quest. Both of us got these values from the scoreboard right as we were killing the nexus (Dragonshire), but they turned to 0 at the victory screen and stayed at 0 during the post-game scoreboard.
Yea, after match stats: all healing values for both teams = zero.
Whitemane, Brightwing
Garden Terror (L), Alterac (W)
09/25/2018 05:13 PMPosted by ImpetuousOne
09/25/2018 04:56 PMPosted by Kamehifu

some of us have completed this quest multiple times with zero credit, are you going to compensate for that? Or say "do it again, the time you did before, you wasted your time playing"? sorry for the salt, little pissed about doing it multiple times with NOTHING to show for it

I wonder how many people they would have to go back and check tho to compensate, to sift out the liars? I mean could we take screenshots and send them in if compensation is a valid option?

I am sure they have access to everyone's results.
Values are going to 0 after the match is over that is why no one is getting any progression on quest. And also i have played 11 games with no watch towers in them, why would you put a quest up that you cant complete because you only have one battleground that has them atm. Makes no sense, come on guys.
09/25/2018 02:36 PMPosted by Zobrek
Hello friends!

Thanks for coming to the forums to let us know, and we do apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.

We have some of our best checking this out!

Glad this game is free....
I had over 133,000 healing with Lili on Hanamura.. This is ridiculous.
won a game with 120k+ healing and didn't complete.
seeing the exact same issue. guess we wait now for them to realize the issue is real?
zzzzzzzzz finally won a game and got no progress bs can we get like compensation for this just give us the skin this is rediculous if we already did the quest we should have it already
I had the same thing happen
Finished a QM with Whitemane, got voted MVP with 6 clutch heals won the match but stats showed 0 for me and the Tyrande on the other team and I got no credit to the quest.
I hit 140k of healing in a 30 min match just to get 0/100.00 in the mission, feels bad blizz
Same issue two games as Anna with no credit.

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