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Hello, I did the healer quest where you have to heal 100k to finish the quest, and get the skin for healing... Quest complete... It says I got the skin... But I, checked it... I didn't get it :/ it's the skin for the healer - the highinquitior one... The Halloween one. Pls help :/(sorry for my bad English)
You get the spray not the skin, many have misunderstood this quest apparently ^^'
The event is pretty worthless and misleading.
The quests only give sprays.

Alot of confusion could be avoided if blizz simply added the word "Spray" to the end of the quest menu.
None of the quests give skins because... You know Bliz got to sell something. So the quest rewards players with all of the "filler" content that is often packed into loot boxes. If you manage to complete all of the quests then you are given a mount (although it is really lack luster).
all the quests just gives worthless sprays and emotes but the last quest is a mount
I probably would have prefered it if they had us to choose between one of the 4 characters and earn the skin for said character. While I like that we get to complete all of the characters quests, the rewards that are tied to them feel a little underwhelming. Sure, the animated emotes are kinda cute. The mount is nice. But I think people would have been much happier if they had gotten a chance to earn at least one of the new skins for free through the ravenlord quest.

But that's just my opinion.

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