Lunara used to be one of my pocket picks

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Since her rework honestly can't get a win out of her even though I try every so often.
Horde bias.
You knwo, sometimes it's really hard to adjust to a new style or talent tree from a hero you mastered.

In my case, Diablo was my main tank. I picked Fire Devil instead of Devastating Charge and I picked Lightning Breath a lot of times too, so I can't say I was just taking advantage of his back in the day considered OP build. But I was great with him. He was my hero with a highest winrate.

Since his rework, I don't do !@#$ with him. And he has a decent winrate and wild popularity so it's not that he's not viable or he's bad. But no matter how many times I try: I suck when playing as current Diablo.

So I understand you pretty well. It's frustrating.
Lunara is not really an assassin any more after the rework.
She's more like a solo laner now. She can soak exp very well, do mercs from lvl 4, and depending on map and obj she can soften up the front gates/towers so the obj can have more value (if team can capture it).

The only way she can kill (effectively) before 16-20 is with Choaking pollen and leaping strike comos.

So her rework gave her early game presence with extreme PvE dmg, and took away her mid game PvP dmg and pushing it to the late game (16-20).
So in very short: She was reworked to be a Nazeebo replica.

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