arthas paladin skin for uther legendary

Hero and Skin Suggestions
this would be such a treat for warcraft 3 players
Arthas and Arthas (Uther) in one team.
AU - Who are you?
A - I'm you, but better.
AU - I think worse.
A - Hah.
as i see blizz is focused od bundels and selling them so blizz lets make W3 bundel with this skin, and than there could be skins like headhunter cassia, batrider falstad, Footman Varian, Garrosh grunt, Thrall farseer, Tyrande as Nelf Aecher and maybe more......and new hero could be Vol'jin as shadowhunter, since he died same day as varian but no one remembers poor Vol'jin an i would love him in game
Please just give Crown prince Arthas proper voice lines and replace ghouls with actual footmen not zombies in uniforms.
I'd like to have Uther the Plaguebringer

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