PLEASE half revert the Garden of Terror

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There are things I like about the new change but all together it is... terrorble

  • Keep the new altar captures.
  • Spawn enemy constantly at altars
  • Make then alittle more frequent
  • Make alter goal 4 or 5
  • Remove 3 lane push
  • Bring back player controlled terror
An interesting thing they can do is to allow for 2 or more seeds to spawn at once, to force some decisionmaking, and not just leave it all in the hands of TFs.
Played new got first time last night and it wasn't bad, I liked the new sounds and voice acting but everything that was unique about this map is gone and now just resembles the others too much which just feels bad.

I like the decision making and risk taking that went with splitting up teams to try and steal seeds in enemy territory as well as being able to pilot the terror, it's possibly the strongest and most interactive of the vehicles.
Piloting the tree was boring. The whole map turned into one big goose chase.
Yeah, i dont mind the trib gathering. A team collects 3 and they get a controllable terror spawning at their altar.
Imo all problems solved.
The should bring back the old and call this GOT(HGC), since its mainly for HGC that way everyone happy.
Also need to bring in map dislikes like in starcraft 2, so you can opt out of those selected maps in QM
Just bring back the old GOT ploz

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