My dream last night. (Not making this up)

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So, last night, after hard forum work about 'Vote Democrat'... 'Vote Communism for Zarya & Stukov buffs' and 'Responding' to threads with 'accurate' information, alongside pummeling the enemy team as Junkrat (Pick RIP-TIRE if you at least have 1 healer and or a tank, you won't be dissapointed ), i finally decided to sleep, it was 2 am, but it was Saturday, so no biggie. I finally hit the hay, and was greeted to a disurbing dream about something with long 4ss feet and for some reason me and 3 others were in some huge 4ss pool but we could breath water, then some giant mouth thing with 4 flaps went down and... okay i should just get to the point,
The dream i had after the disturbing one and after one where i admitted love to this girl i liked (still not making this up), the last dream was of a "Every hero gets changed" balance patch, as i can remember: I recall Raynor getting a new trait about more self sustain and you can pick a level 1 talent to choose from 3 for it, Ragnaros being actually put into Warrior type heroes and being more tank-y and actually getting a skin for once, Lost Vikings getting HEAVILY updated with a whole new look, they could swap weapons, they were their own individual hero, you could either pick from Olaf, Baleog or Erik from the start, but eventually get all 3 of them if you wanted to, but their power would be split. What i mean is that you can have literally 1 Viking and if you wanted to, get the 3, but having 1 would allow you to have all 3 of their abilities and UBER-ly power them up.

So yeah, cool dream, my favorite one was the second one where i admitted my love to the girl i met in middle school rather than the one where we met when just wee' toddlers. What does this have to do with HOTS? Well, i love ya'll too.
I love you too, man

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