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I get it; we're friends. You like me, I like you. I enjoy your sarcastic commentary just as much as you enjoy watching me curb stomp A.I, but there comes a point where I really need a break. No it is not you, it's me; I enjoy Cursed Hollow, but not as much as you think I do. Once or twice a day is fine, maybe half a dozen times if I am feeling really active, but four to seven times a row or even half my games is too much. We need to stop hanging out so much as I am getting burned out. If you are looking for something more than friendship I am sorry, but I am not that type of person. That is not to say I am against that sort of thing, just that I am not interested.


In all seriousness I am getting really tired of being shoved onto Cursed Hollow. Yesterday alone I was on the map a good 7 times out of the dozen or so matches, and today I was on it three times out of the six matches.

This not something new either. I went back and looked at the number of times Cursed Hollow popped up over the years. Either it broke even with another map, or was much higher than any other map. All together I have played 518 matches on Cursed Hollow with the runner up being Sky Temple which is almost a 100 matches less.

Pre-season Cursed Hollow cropped up 183 times, just as many times as Sky Temple.

First season of 2016 Cursed Hollow numbered was just 24 times, but I did not play much, and it is still number one.

Second Season it broke even with Braxxis Hold at 24 as well.

Third Season it was actually second fiddle to Towers of Doom with only 41 matches to ToD's 46. Though, if you think about it, the Raven Lord is still present.

2017 season 1: 51 times and once again in the lead with the next map sitting at 49.

The Raven Lord then takes a break, only to come back 2018 second season with 51 matches on it. Nearly twice as many as Dragon Shire 28.

Season 3 of 2018 I had 24 matches, again nearly double that of Dragon Shire.

And this season the Raven Lord is being extra clingy with ten matches already with other maps in the 1-4 range.

I am getting really sick of being stuck on Cursed Hollow all the time. It feels like its the only map I can play on with the occasional rare gem. I would be happy playing on old Hanamura or Old Haunted mines than do another match on Cursed Hollow.

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I am seriously considering getting a restraining order against the Raven Lord.
Anyone think it was a Hotfix by the devs, to make the event more attainable?
I know they changed the vision camps on Hanamura to count towards the quest, but if they made a change to make Cursed Hollow pop up more often it may have been under the radar. However, considering how often I have had Cursed Hollow pop up I don't think that is the case, especially if the map pops up as frequently for others as it has for me.
In the past, when Blizzard altered a map in a fairly significant way, they gave the map a higher chance to show up for a few days to let people see and experience the changes. I don't know if this is the case with Cursed Hollow, but it would explain it's higher than normal frequency.
Cursed Hollow has not received any significant changes in the past as far as I am aware of. It along with Blackheart's Bay have been largely left alone. The other maps have been tweaked in form or another though.
Garden of Terror was turned into a Cursed Hollow re-skin by someone whom I hope was fired.
Here are the statistics of Versus AI from someone who plays regularly.

Total games played: 9,507
Cursed Hollow: 1,079
Dragon Shire (runner up): 996
Blackheart's Bay: 885

Blackheart's Bay: 478
Cursed Hollow: 470
Dragon Shire: 470

2016 Season 1:
Cursed Hollow: 59
Tomb of the Spider Queen: 59
Battlefield of Eternity: 57

2016 Season 2:
Cursed Hollow: 97
Braxis Holdout: 92
Towers of Doom: 76

2016 Season 3:
Cursed Hollow: 51
Garden of Terror/Battlefield of Eternity/Braxis Holdout/Warhead Junction: 48

2017 Season 1:
Sky Temple: 73
Infernal Shrines: 70
Cursed Hollow: 63

2017 Season 2:
Towers of Doom: 52
Infernal Shrines: 50
Battlefield of Eternity: 48
Haunted Mines/Garden of Terror: 47
Cursed Hollow: 46

2017 Season 3:
Blackheart's Bay: 79
Garden of Terror/Towers of Doom: 78
Dragon Shire: 75
Warhead Junction: 74
Braxis Holdout: 73
Haunted Mines/Sky Temple/Battlefield of Eternity: 67
Cursed Hollow/Tomb of the Spider Queen: 63

2018 Season 1:
Braxis Holdout: 70
... (a lot of maps)
Cursed Hollow: 56

2018 Season 2:
Cursed Hollow: 85
Tomb of the Spider Queen: 77
Infernal Shrines: 66

2018 Season 3:
Dragon Shire: 78
Cursed Hollow: 76
Alterac Pass: 61

This season:
Alterac Pass: 16
Dragon Shire: 14
Cursed Hollow: 13

So what does this data mean? Yes there is a bias to Cursed Hollow in Versus AI with human allies. This is because new players can only be matched on it yet you can be used to fill in their team. That said the bias is extremely small, with many seasons it effectively occurring as frequently as other maps.

Total games played is biased towards it because it is always on rotation for that reason. However within individual seasons it is usually highly competitive with other maps on rotation.
The Nexus is under siege.

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