Love HOTS but things we'd like to change

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Love HOTS but things we'd like to change
No Mei -> Yes Mei
hey blizzard, I love all the work you guys put into several of the games that I love but I thought I'd add a channel for positive game players to add comments. I just have a few things personally. 1) when playing brawl and you end up with an ai team it can be fairly hit or miss. If you are stuck with ai I thought it might be cool if you could select their heroes or at least trade with one of your ai counterparts so you aren't stuck playing the only healer you are offered with a team of ai morons that won't help you heal them. Also, please fix the ai with the Vikings, because on the last brawl I played with almost all ai, my ai ally picked the Vikings for a the 1 lane map but left 2/3 Vikings in the spawn point for a good part of the match. it felt bad enough not to be able to influence the ai away from the Vikings but then playing with 1/3 Vikings for most of the rest of the match felt worse. thanks, sorry to be a bit negative but I do really love the game and I hope this helps make it better!
Something not commonly requested, but would be nice to see, is more customization to custom games, as well as the ability to host custom games for random strangers.

For example, it would be nice to have settings such as:

-All Random
-No hero limit (players on the same team can play the same hero)
-Map playlists (similar to Star Wars Battlefront 2).
-Random player team assignment (players are randomly, yet evenly distributed among both teams)

Adding these features would allow more options for players, especially ones who have 5+ friends that they are trying to play with at once.
Stopping players who have a high rate of multiple DC every match from playing anything other than AI.

RIP my hero league games so far :/

Last game it was our only healer, an Auriel. Hey, not important right?
At least 1 more Dryad or a member form the Keepers of the grove would be nice to have :D
Other than that, i don't really have any issue atm :D

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