Your QM gave them 3 assassins...

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Nazeebo counter butcher and diablo
Johana counter butcher
Azmodan counter mephisto
Brightwing counter kerrigan

Comp wasnt the issue....

Are you kidding? Naze counter butcher? Once he charge u, he already near u, u want to wall him with u together?
Johanna can blind butcher but how to counter his charge stun chain?
Azmodan can counter mephisto? really? use dunk or laser? he blink in you laser? or dunk? then he back then u can dunk him again?
BW can poly kerri but they don't have enough dmg to kill kerri on time.
There is still got tyrande that can stun,heal reduce spell dmg plus also give teammate movement spd which can outchase opponent.

Johana got blind , unstoppable and multiple stuns for butcher and to preventing or interupt him from Healing on branded target

Nazeebo , frog build is a massive counters vs divers or melee which in this case takes care of both diablo and butcher . when he charges all he has to do is wall with his own hit box on the wall , if done right . even if hit by butcher's charge , butcher will be trapped inside and nazeebo will be pushed out of the wall. Then naz can burst him down . ( ice block is good too). For diablo its pretry similar. Rarely i have seen a nazeebo having issues dealing with butcher or other melee characters.

Azmodan on mephisto, dunk his shadow . its pointless aiming where is at , aim where hes going to be .that shadow location is like a giamt target sceaming " shoot me!!". Any ranged damage simply doing that turns him into a complete non issue.

Bright wing , polymorph amd emerald wind , yes it cost 200 mana per ult but that thing is on a 5 sec CD .
She can remove any allies thats chained or stunned . that enemy team is so reliant on dives if a dive fail they are SOL.

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