Auriel W Cooldowns

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Can Auriel have talents which focus on her W cooldowns.

I think her energy management is useless cause her W is bound by a 4 sec cooldown.

Even if I was good with managing her energy, I feel unrewarded when I still have to wait a few seconds to use my W.
When me and my team get chased by the whole enemy team, I can heal them once and then we all die anyway, because even if I fill my energy bar quickly, I won't have my W ready because of its cd.
Heroes like Whitemane, Morales, etc. can liberally heal with not having to worry about anything.

Maybe add functionality to some of the talents like:

Searing light: Each enemy hero hit by ray of heaven reduces the cd of ray of heaven by .25

Empathic link: when crowned hero takes % dmg, reduce the cooldown of ray of heaven by ______

Energized cord: Basic attacks reduce Ray of heaven's cd by .5

Or give bursting light talent back.

I love playing Auriel, but I feel like some healers are better for supporting because of her strict 4 sec cd.

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