Belial ragnaros skin.

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So as we all know, Ragnaros has almost no skins, has gotten no new skins since his release, and his colors consist of orange, red, and yellow. Blizzard has stated this is because it is difficult to animate Ragnaros due to the lava effect, (or something like that, i don't recall the exact reason but it is something about animating him.) So here is my idea.

In the Diablo 3 boss fight with Belial, his first form is a similar size to Ragnaros (skin), and in the second phase, he turns into "the true image of the lord of hell" and becomes a massive demon, several times larger then the largest we have seen. (molten core). in this form, he uses large tentacles to strike an area around a target location (Empower Sulfuras), and uses a massive smash to hit an even bigger area for more damage (R1)

He also breathes a large wave of green fire, which could be made into lava wave (R2). He could smash the area around him for lava burst, and summon a demon that runs/rolls in a line as meteor (and meteor bomb would transform the demon into an exploding demon)

Pros: Ragnaros himself is difficult to make skins for, and this would not have to animate his lava base.
Would give Ragnaros a new skin. plus its a legendary
Cons: Would still take some time to make as it would use a completely different body, and animation set.
Would most likely eliminate the possibility of Belial being his own character.
While technically it would work... That last Con is the biggest reason it can never happen. Which is good. It really shouldn't ever happen. At all.

You cover why the animations work, but thematically, that kit is extremely straightforward for the Lord of Lies. It features no mindgames, no perception altering, nothing of the sort. It doesn't fit him at all.

It also removes one of the major names Diablo can contribute. And don't even get me started on the backlash a move like that would cause. The Widowmaker skin for Nova, it caused backlash for what, 3-5+ months? I don't even want to see how many forum threads would be covering this and the general forums if that happened.

Please suggest skins for people that don't involve turning potential good heroes into some skin for a kit they don't fit.

I constantly see Al'Akir/Neptulon suggestions for Ragnaros, and in my opinion, they also don't fit at all. I want Ragnaros skins too, but never at the cost of someone else's actual inclusion.

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