Progress Report: How is everyone doing so far?

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I'm just curious. How far has everyone progressed with the event, in terms of quests. And their wish list of drops?

So far, for me.

Finished Zarya, Maiev, and Whitemane. Still working on Alexstraza

Purchased 2 of the 3 Zarya skin tints with shards.

Witch Whitemane dropped for me last night.

Purchased 1 Maiev tint, 2nd one dropped for me today.

Currently saving shards for one of the Alexstraza skins (1855/2400)

Also got like 6 of the new banners.
They ruined GoT, AP sucks, Mines sucks, map rotations suck, OP hero reworks and releases suck. Mobility has ruined the game. Maps are snowbally as hell. Matchmaking is god awful. Blizzard ignores community feedback. Blizzard favors reddit where it's censored and controlled content. And you're concerned with skins and quests. !@#$ off.

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