Daelin Proudmoor - Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Trait * Proudmoore´s legacy* - Daelin cant attack mercenary camps but for every minion he kills he gets stack of Fame. After stacking enough Fame he can instantly bribe mercenary camp. Trait can be activated to command nearby mercs. Can´t be used on boss camp.
Q *Flare gun* - Daeli fires his flare gun to reveal small area. If hero is hit by flare gun he takes small amount of damage. this spell reveals stealth units.
W *Gunpowder keg* - Daelin throws a barrel of gunpowder on target location. Barrel has 5 health and will explode after 2 sec. or if it´s destroyed by enemies.
E *Taste of sea* - Summons an spectral anchor at target location. This spell is doing no damage but it slows enemy movement speed by 60% and dissables dash spells for 2sec. . Ally unit´s will get 15% movement speed toward´s affected enemies.
R(1) *Fire at will !* -Daelin command his battleship to fire all cannons at targed location. This spell has unlimited range
R(2) *I will do it myself...* - Daelin will summon a cannon with smaller range and medium damage to knock his enemies back.

Sorry for my english, it is not my first language


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