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She seems useless. Other supports does her job better. She became the worst support in the game after all the support nerfs.
Tell that to her when she is with Cho'Gall, Diablo, or Stitches.
Alexstraza is one of the only healers that can keep a team full health, nearly all damn game. Everytime I look at a team that won an engagement with Alex, she full health
Same nonsense as all the people who Say Auriel is a terrible healer. Yet somehow I still get amazing amounts of healing done in QM with her.
I will say what I say to all these ridiculous threads.
If you think Alexstraza is a bad healer you arnt playing her right. You as a player are the problem.

She is my main and I frequently have people moan and !@#$% when I pick her, then we play and they eat their bs words when I get MVP with 100k+ healing.
Alex can be a great support with the Q build if she can keep her own health high. Its like free big heals every few seconds.
You're right.

Please buff Alexstrasza.

I don't do enough healing at the moment.
Yeah but... have you seen her paired with a high health tank yet?
Just step into the cirle sometimes. Simple enough move and she's suddenly becoming decent. And if you playing ranked, just ban ana/deckard. It's not a morales, you can't just expect Alex to pocket you all the time reliably. And that's the actual root of your frustration, I believe.
Level 153 Alex main here.

If you're asking for buffs I wouldn't say no... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
09/27/2018 02:30 PMPosted by Chev
Same nonsense as all the people who Say Auriel is a terrible healer. Yet somehow I still get amazing amounts of healing done in QM with her.

Auriel isnt that bad but she is easily counterable and requires a team with a good aggressive damage dealer and a tank that can create space for them. She gets countered by poke damage and cant heal well through pve(bosses etc) and she also needs your team to stack to get good heal value. All are factors which are really hard to manage outside of competetive play and therefor I would never recommend drafting her, there is a reason she doesnt see alot of play in pretty much any league.
When I see complaints like this, my experience has taught me that it's really a complaint that a healer isn't 100% top pick.

While each of the healers have weaknesses, they also have strengths. Some are a little more balanced in this regard than others. But any of them can be effective if picked in good situations for them, or if played correctly with the hand you are dealt in a match you didn't know (for those not playing HL with draft).

This is why it's difficult to sift through the complaints about Heroes. Too many players are flat out ignorant about how, when, and why a Hero can be effective or ineffective. So the ignoramus sees the Hero as "bad". And instead of looking to gain some knowledge about the how, when, and why; look to complain or think the Hero needs reworks or huge buffs.

Heroes aren't meant to be 100% top tier viable in any and all situations. When that happens, those Heroes are broken OP and have to be corrected. Or else you get super stale metas where 2 or 3 Heroes dominate a role.
Being the self proclaimed Alex god with over 1000 games played and level 130 with her, I can honestly say she can be rather good. With that being said though her winrate has been on a decline lately which as of right now is 46%, the lowest it has ever been since her initial release.

The problem with Alex that will continue is that as more characters with giant AoE attacks get put into the game the less viable she will become. Most of her healing is dependent on whether or not her team can walk into the green circles and if not then they will probably lose the game.

Her talent diversity is also in the dumpster. W build's power has slowly fizzled away as I said more AoE gets put into the game and two globes were nerfed twice which is her reward for completing that quest thus removing more power. Q build is reliant on her staying high HP which as we know can be kind of hard these days and lastly E build is just useless.

She could use some tweaks but she still has the highest raw healing potential in the game. Her 16 tier could use some love as there is only one viable choice at the moment.

DragonQueen will always been strong but a lot of her core kits power has to be stripped as a result.

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