Grom Hellscream in Blizzcon 2018?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Let's discuss the possibilities.
It is possible but then again people been thinking that Nexus girl with the snake like name or even Deathwing are also possibilities, then theres also that gnome gyro-copter too.

So anything is possible

I would do anything for Grom!
I would love vol'jin but that is not happening, rokhan would be cool too, interactions with thrall, rexxar and chen would be best, but i guess there will be no troll for me, and i dont believe Grom would be relesed any soon aswell, as i would love it, there is just too much orcs in hots now so there is need for some othere races and universis to make the number of the orcs in nexus less overwhelming.

For Wow i gues best choice would be Vash or Cairn
for Starcraft some female protoss like Selendis or other
for Diablo i gues since we have Mephisto there is also some room for Archangel so
i gues Imperius
and for Overwatch i really dont care and i hope i wount see any other from there
for even more time

But blizz could even surprise us by Nexus original hero (which personally i wouldnt like as much as others but ok) or maybe blizz is going to revive Blizzard Classics Franchise how Awesome would that be
10/01/2018 10:27 AMPosted by Trollcrates
or maybe blizz is going to revive Blizzard Classics Franchise how Awesome would that be
That would be ALL the awesome! :D

OT: Let's look at previous Blizzcons to find patterns that aren't there :P

2014: <I hadn't started playing; it's much harder finding a "list of Blizzcon things" than one would think>
2015: Lunara, Greymane, Cho'Gall
2016: Varian, Ragnaros (Zul'Jin strongly hinted at)
2017: Alextrasza, Hanzo

So... Here's what I got:
-Hanzo is the only non-Warcraft hero announced at Blizzcon, at least since the game officially launched.
-All of them except Lunara are pretty big names, though not quite at the top of the "request charts" (if there's such a thing).
-If we count Dragonqueen, then there's at least one hero who "breaks conventions" or "brings something completely new": C'G two-player-ness, Varian multiclass (I said "new", not "good" :P), Alex's DQ

Conclusions: Grom definitely fits the first two points, and if it's really true that they're bringing in Orphea because creating original heroes allows them more leeway to design unique abilities, then it's possible she'd be the "convention-breaking" hero this Blizzcon, so Grom doesn't need to fit the third point.

TL;DR: Gromm is posible, but noone otside of Blizz knows how probable.

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