BW lvl20 Blink Heal nerf incoming

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a 2 charge infinite cloak mega heal... yeah be prepared
If anything she's getting a buff, the way she feels now.
really you don't see it as op to stop half the cast from atking?
Mephisto's ult deals good damage to everyone on the enemy team from any point on the map. Ults are getting stronger and stronger. It won't be nerfed.
It's surprisingly doing well from initial data.

I think it's a strong talent on its own, but I question its usefulness for the tier that it's in. Post 20, it comes down to team fights, and having double cloak remain in hectic fights is a pretty tall ask. Not to mention, even if you do get the cloak, that is basically removing people from the fight. Even if stealthed, you won't be able to cast a pixie on yourself without revealing yourself to get out of the frontline faster.

Just think of all those useless Novas that just watch in the wings, doing nothing while you die. Sure, they can pop out and help eventually, but being stealthed in and of itself doesn't have much value. The best thing the talent offers is the guaranteed invisibility, which basically acts as a brief moment of reprieve and confusion.
09/28/2018 12:21 PMPosted by BastionE54
really you don't see it as op to stop half the cast from atking?

You have Nova as your profile pic. Is her clone and run ability op? Or is it just a bit annoying and easily countered?

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