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The night was as dark as a Black Hole, two figures, full of desperation and pride, stood within the Moonlight, scarce as it was.

The first figure, with a heart of Darkness, Mekkkagoo, grinned at the Pauper who challenged him, DJPea. Pea took one step forward, determined, and without fear, Goo took a step forward as well, his shadowed face only becoming more with the darkness. Pea unsheathed his longsword, in retaliation, Goo unsheathed his katana, it shined within the light, but it was only a false reminder, to what Goo truly was.

Pea looked to the ground, and swiftly dashed toward, Goo, no hesitation, no fear, but Goo stood still, and blocked Pea's depictable attack, before himself slicing Pea's chest. Now heavily bleeding, DJPea fell to the ground, not defeated, but wounded. "All it took was one attack? Hmph, pitiful. I shall end this quickly." Mekkkagoo grinned, he armed his blade to decapitate DJPea, his crimson eyes glowing with the blood of the innocent. Pea knew that this wasn't the end, it would've been too quickly, and so, he rolled out of the way, still bleeding, he swung his sword at Goo, and was successful, a deep wound would be in him.

Mekkkagoo would put his hand of his deep wound, his eyes glowing fiercely with shadow, but grinned. "I... May fall... Perhaps even you, Pea, but know this. My descendants, Draco, & Spojad will take my place, and they will fill this world with the void it deserves..." Mekkkagoo fell to the earth, his body instantly turning into black & grey particles from whence his soul was made of. DJPea, victorious, but wounded himself, but not mortally, limped back to the village, where the outcriers told about 'The Man of Shadow' being defeated. DJPea smiled, and passed out on the floor. The next day, the village would be attacked by two Shadowy figures, Draco & Spojad were attacking, and with their forces together, reigned unstoppable, with new Settlers from a land called 'LoL' and another called 'DotA2', many were slaughtered. DJPea grabbed his sword, and took one step forward.
Get my like for the effort
Mekka who?
Mekkagoo was some HOTS forum tyrant, and i guess he got banned or something.
This forum can still surprise me sometimes.

Healsonheels please teach me how to be the best player like no one ever was.

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