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Hero and Skin Suggestions
Now before I get started you will notice he is very similar to how he was in the firelands raid and this is because personally felt there was no need to create something new when blizzard had already created something we loved. Anyway here it is please enjoy I did a lot of research to try and make it balanced and it is a cross between quite a few heroes.

Melee Assassin
-Strong in lane
-Strong point control
-Potential for very high dmg

-Lack of self sustain
-Vulnerable to cc
-Vulnerable to burst dmg

10 sec cld, 35 mana
Q- Arcing Slash- Shannox swipes his spear in an arc in front of him dealing 270 +(4%) per lvl dmg to all enemies in range.

12 sec cld 50 mana
W- Immolation Trap- Shannox throws out a trap arming after 1.25 sec. Upon activation any enemy that steps onto the trap will be dealt 310 +(4%) per lvl dmg to all enemies nearby.

16 sec cld 60 mana
E- Crystal Prison Trap- Shannox throws a trap arming after 1.5 sec. Any enemy target that steps on the trap will be encased in a block of molten crystal. The target will be completely immobilized and invulnerable to all dmg. The crystal has 350 +(4%) per lvl health. The target can only be broken free if the crystal is destroyed.

80 sec cld 80 mana
R1- Molten Spear- Shannox Hurls his spear at the target location following a 1 sec cast dealing 520 +(4%) per lvl dmg to targets hit. Following the spear landing regardless if any target was his lava erupts within 3 range of the spear dealing 190 +(4%) dmg per lvl to those standing in the eruptions.

Only a cld and mana cost if u take the lvl 20 upgrade to this heroic
R2-Tightening the Collar- Shannox gains the ability to control Rageface, however both hounds lose 25% damage. Shannox can control both hounds individually or simultaneously using his trait.
Passive: Both hounds gain 10% movement speed and 10 armor.

D- Riplimb and Rageface -Riplimb can be controlled using the trait (same as misha). Rageface is uncontrollable and will stay by Shannoxs side attacking targets within 1.5 range of Shannox prioritizing Heroic targets. If either hound is killed they will respawn at Shannoxs side in 15 sec. Each hound is only worth 1/4 xp.
Lvl 1

Slash them all- Quest
-Hit 20 Heroes with Arcing Slash to gain a 20% slow for 3 sec
-Upon hitting 40 heroes gain an additional 10% and reduce Arcing Slash cld by 2 sec

Playing with fire- Quest
-Hit 10 Heroes with Immolation trap to add a dot dealing 250 +(4%) per lvl dmg over 4 sec
-Upon hitting 20 Heroes reduce Immolation trap cld by 2 sec

Frozen in Fire- Quest
-Trap 10 Heroes to increase the health of Crystal Prison trap by 150
-Upon trapping 15 Heroes increase Crystal health by an additional 200 and enemies trapped are slowed by 20% once broken free

Lvl 4

Bite them all- Quest
-After hounds attack Heroes 150 times their attack speed is increased by 20%

Every Last one- Quest
-For every minion that Riplimb or Rageface get the last hit on both Shannox and his hounds gain 4 health. This bonus is not lost on death

Licking the wounds
-Riplimbs and Ragefaces basic attacks heal them for 4% of their maximum health

Lvl 7

Increase Immolation traps radius by 50%

Crippling flames
-Enemies caught in Immolation traps explosion are slowed by 30% decaying over 2.5 sec

Infernal reach
-Increase the range of Arcing Slash by 30%

Lvl 13

Fury of the Firelands
-Riplimb and Rageface deal 28 +(4%) per level dmg per second to nearby enemies (Same as wildfire bear for Misha)

Meltin da Armor!!!
-Once an enemy is broken free from a crystal prison trap they have their armor reduced by 15 for 2.5 sec

Fueled by Flame
-If Arcing Slash hits a Hero Shannoxs attack speed is increase by 200% for the next 3 basic attacks

Face Rage- Active
-Command Rageface to dive onto the targeted hero within 6 range stunning them for 2 sec and ripping into their flesh dealing 275+(4%) per lvl dmg over the 2 sec (If Rageface is stunned on his wayto the target the ability is put on a 10 sec cld)

Lvl 16

Extra large fangs
Riplimb and Ragefaces basic attacks deal .75% of the heroic targets maximum health as bonus dmg

Fueling the flames
Gain an extra charge of Immolation trap but it now takes an extra sec for the trap to arm

Trophy Hunter
Crystal Prison trap only traps Heroic targets

Line em up
If Arcing Slash hits 2 or more heroes it deals 4% of their maximum health as bonus dmg

Lvl 20

R1- Magma Rupture
Upon Molten Spear landing it now remains where it landed causing the lava eruptions go on 4 more times over the next 3 sec and also dealing 200 +(4%) per lvl dmg to any target standing at the location of the spear

70 sec cld 70 mana
R2- Release the Hounds
Tightening the Collar now becomes activatable. Shannox commands both hounds to relentlessly attack the same target within 6 range dealing 5% bonus dmg with each attack for 5 sec.If either hound is dead at the time of activation it is immedietly resurrected
Passively both hounds gain an additional 10 armor

90 sec cld
Sacrifices must be made- Passive
-So long as either hound is alive upon Shannox taking fatal dmg the closer of the hounds will dive to Shannox sacrificing themselves removing all dmg and crowd control and bringing shannox back to 20% health.

Gift of the Firelord
-Shannoxs basic attacks deal 10% more dmg and both hounds basic attacks slow the target by 20% for 1.25 sec

The flame returns- Riplimb and Ragefaces basic attacks heal Shannox for 50% of the dmg dealt

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