Genji Balance Suggestion: Make him a Melee Assassin!

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With Raynor getting a sick new bayonet stab melee animation, it made me recall all those heroes that have an alternative fire for when things get up close and personal: Greymane slashes with his sword, Lunara stabs with her spear (it'd be great if Nazeebo used that dagger of his) and Genji uses his sword. For comparison, Hanzo also has a really challenging basic fire in Overwatch but HotS compensates that by having a very slow attack rate.

Now, originally in Overwatch Genji's primary fire is actually rather hard to aim which is a big difference from HotS where its guaranteed damage. Genji has an infamous 100% ban and pick rate in tournaments which definitely shows a flawed design. He brings a lot of damage without having to make himself vulnerable at all.

There have been many suggestions in the past of changing his reflect, his dash through walls and some other stuff but admittedly this would change what is objectively very fun about his kit.

Therefore I propose the following.

Genji: Reworked to melee assassin. Now his sword animation is his standard attack.

Shingan is now baseline. If he hits a target with all three spread out shurikens he deals bonus damage.

New key on 1 where he can toggle his Q. Standard he shoots out three skillshots shurikens in quick succession.

This removes Genji's absurd safety and guaranteed damage by having to get up close and also now having to aim his basic shurikens. However, it gives him more tools and rewards very aggressive Genjis who like to shotgun blast their spread shurikens.

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