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As I stated before during the last NO ROTATIONS argument, limiting maps for newer players hurts them overall. It is very possible for a new player who really likes the game to reach level 5 with enough heroes to play Ranked Hero League far before the rotation ends. That player is going to have a tough time because there will be maps they've never seen, and that player is going to be a big burden on teammates too.

By limiting even vs. AI modes, which I played a lot when started out, the majority of ranked maps are impossible for the new player to try out! If anything this delays the learning and progression of the new player. They will have to wait until this stupid rotation is over to even SEE the majority of maps that they will have to learn in order to play ranked. Bad idea.

I get that Blizzard wants data for their new maps, but I know of no other business that limits customer choice solely for the sake of gathering data. I mean what if you went into McDonalds and the only thing available was their new McCrappy Sandwich? Sorry, we're not offering the Big Mac anymore because we want data on our new McCrappy. Or if you paid admission to a theme park like Disneyland and found that they closed the majority of the park because they wanted more data on the rides in one section. You'd be pissed like we are here. That just doesn't happen in any other scenario. It's not OK to degrade player/user experience just so that the business can collect data! Blizzard is the only company that I can think of that does this!
09/26/2018 08:22 PMPosted by Maizing
Back when they were doing a 9 map rotation, there was an uproar and they agreed to allow unranked to have the full complement of maps. Now they are giving us an even worse rotation.

Hey, Blizzard! Limited map rotations are BORING! They were boring when there were 9 maps in each rotation, and they are even more boring with only 5!

It's like Blizzard doesn't listen to it's community at all.
Ive been trying to complete this watchtower quest for a couple of days now. I can't do it in ranked because i haven't unlocked enough heroes to level 5 and the only map ive been told is in rotation is cursed hallow but i just never seem to get it. Its mostly Alterac and Hanamura

Now i have to hope and dream i eventually get a cursed hallow map then i have to make sure i win it just seems so hard. Atleast give us the maps back in VS Ai...

Such a hard quest to finish for newer players... very unfair blizzard
It's time to end the limited map pool once and for all!
Limited map pool sucks everyone knows this.
Only for Splatoon I accept limited map pool.
But there it rotates every 4 hours to new maps, instead of once per month.
I agree, especially unranked map rotations need to go.

It is beyond me how devs believe that players are overwhelmed having to play 15 maps. It's one of the charms and main selling points of this game. Newsflash: if you want people to get better, give them the means to do so. This player base already suffers from poor knowledge, limiting their game time on half of the maps isn't going to improve their skills at all.

Blizzard should invest in tutorials that explain the value of soaking, positioning, merc and objective timing and role based performance. Not decreasing the map pool.
So stooopid to have 5 maps. Who came up with this nonsense?

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