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LMAO.. is that Bronze league?

1- Just going there without a care in the world
2- See muradin and not run away
3- Tries to trade with Muradin in melee range

Way to throw
Now, I've been a player for a long time, not quite as long as some; I've never seen it happen that quickly, but even before seeing this, I knew to NEVER be in melee range against Muradin unless you have some really good ace in the pocket, I literally can't imagine what was going through raynor's head when he walked up and tried to hug Muradin. (I feel like he was probably also super surprised about being deleted so abruptly XD, but I seriously don't see how he thought he could of traded with muradin, let alone in the small of a space)
I would imagine that Raynor would feel the same way after walking up and hugging a Diablo, too.
09/27/2018 10:25 PMPosted by Andminus
I literally can't imagine what was going through raynor's head
2 stormbolts, obviously.
@ OP

I will be lazy to read most of the comments I admit, but you play only 3 heroes which means you are very limited in understanding the game, and since your stats are good this would make a bigger problem for the game itself then "mura op" ...
Everything wrong with HOTS - players like this Raynor here.
I think that Raynor was a bot.
09/27/2018 11:42 PMPosted by Change
09/27/2018 10:25 PMPosted by Andminus
I literally can't imagine what was going through raynor's head
2 stormbolts, obviously.

I laughed at this comment more than I should
09/27/2018 08:52 PMPosted by DrSuperGood
09/27/2018 07:00 PMPosted by Rhasz
The fact you have to put "Even Valeera could have" and "Jaina probably" makes my point. A TANK should not have more mobility and dmg than ASSASSINS.
He does not have more damage than many assassins.

Let us break down what happened there. Excluding auto attacks he cast 2 Storm Bolts and 2 Thunder Claps and had the posibility of using Haymaker to finish.

Level 1:
Storm Bolt: 110 damage
Thunder Clap: 96 damage + 48 damage
Thunder Clap (single heroic target): 384 damage + 192 damage
Haymaker: 319 damage

This is all 4% scaling. For the purpose of a fair comparision with other heroes we will be assuming level 20 as always. The actual reference game he was level 24 so the numbers would be larger and scaled with health. Also the below numbers might be different from in game due to rounding error, in game numbers are usually slightly smaller.

Level 20:
Storm Bolt: 241.0 damage
Thunder Clap: 210.3 damage + 105.1 damage
Thunder Clap (single heroic target): 841.2 damage + 420.4 damage
Haymaker: 698.9 damage

Total Combo:
2 * Storm Bolt + 2 * Thunder Clap + Haymaker
Team Fight: 1811.7 damage
Single Heoric Target: 3704.1 damage

Storm Bolt was powered by level 1, as that is the only talent that improves it against heroes. Since the team was nooby and this is very late game we can assume a lot of stacks, say 40. At 5 damage a pop that is an increase of 200 damage per Storm Bolt. This damage does not scale with level so is a flat 400 damage total in both cases.

Team Fight: 2211.7 damage
Single Heoric Target: 4104.1 damage

Assuming 2 auto attacks inter mixed at 185.40 at level 20.

Team Fight: 2582.5 damage
Single Heoric Target: 4474.9 damage

This combo can be performed every 60 seconds, limited by the long cooldown on Rewind. Without rewind he can repeat half of it every ~10 seconds and haymaker every 40.

Now let us compare to Valeera ability damage, as I computed in another thread. The values did not factor in inter mixed auto attacks.
09/24/2018 09:43 PMPosted by DrSuperGood
Assuming a completely unawareand vulnerable target, so 0 armor…
If in group: 4113.7 * 1.1 = 4525.0 damage
If alone: 4256.1 * 1.2 = 5107.3 damage.

Valeera does this over a period of 5-6 seconds and can repeat this again 10 seconds after. Unlike Muradin who has a low burst team fight damage of 2582.5, Valeera does a team fight burst of 4525.0. Unlike Muradin who can combo 4474.9 to a single lone hero every 60 seconds, Valeera can combo 5107.3 damage with just a 10 second cooldown time.

Muradin can deal damage, but not assassin level damage. His Thunder Strike with rewind build is pretty much a one trick wonder in that it gives him assassin like burst but only to a single target with a long cooldown. Taking this build sacrifices so much from him, including improved slow, laning and even toughness.

Even though I kind of agree with the overall premise of the argument. This is kind of a silly comparison.

Valeera’s combo has no CC if she’s using Ambush as her opener, meaning she can easily be juked, kited, or CC’d during the 5-6 seconds where she’s trying to stick to the target. It also requires her to use an opener in the first place, meaning the whole thing can be prevented by spamming aoe in her general direction while she approaches.

It’s comparatively easy for Muradin to find an isolated hero and jump on them with Drawf Launch, at which point they have a split second to react before he stunlocks them and deletes them.

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