The Brightwing build I have had great success with

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I find the new BW to have a lot more utility while healing just as much as she ever has.
22 games with a 58% win rate. Half of those were settling on a build. Since then this build is 8 for 11.

The build I have settled on:

1) Hypershift <- Reduces the Cooldown, Increases the heal to be a "big heal". Use it all the time to keep people topped off and on the battle field.
4) Unstable <- Increases the Poly Slow, and it Goes boom at the end.
7) Peekaboo <- Area reveal and a big ol' shield.
10) Blink <- Must pick. Heals, allows for escapes, goes through terrain... good stuff
13) Pixie Boost <- This is awesome to help with escapes and chases.
16) Hush <- Another Silence + damage reduction! Excellent to really mess with heroes attempting to channel an ULT and in combo with Poly, you can nearly lock someone down.
20) Speed Dragon <- With this I almost fly as fast as horseback... but with Pixie Boost on + this... I can outrun horseback. So good for getting out of trouble or for chasing.

The Q builds are traps... they are very mana intensive for very little return. Instead, pick skills that are damage negating like silence (hush) and poly. These prevent damage from occurring and save lives much better than an extra pulse of healing.
Still working great. Putting up 90-110K healing and the Poly fun to screw with ults is twice as sweet when you add the silence on the Arcane Flare at 16.
Other than bribe at 1 and the extra spell shield we have the same build. I like bribe because people suck at getting camps at the roght time in gold. I also find the spell shield to be necessary because people can’t dodge.
Would consider swapping Unstable for Dream Shot. Extra range greatly increases Hush! power.

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