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hey blizz? wanna balance QM? k thnx. tired of gettin !@#$ty comps and tired of gettting matched with %^-*ty !@# players. your a billion dollar company. can we get some damn balance for quick match please? at least give us a surrender button so we can get out of crappy matches.
Really informative post there. you really explained interesting topics that people on this forum can relate too.
Feels like it's gotten even worse this patch if that is even possible? Constantly getting disgusting stomps where one team is full of level 1000+ plat+ players and my team are level 100 noobs. How do you expect new players to want to stay when you just use them as fodder just so they can get a match in 1sec? And the games so so one sided that you basically can't even play as you are just getting dominated in every lane/obj/fight you just watch as your team dies over and over again while 4 levels down and keeps are dying to minions. How hard can it be seriously????
I got matched into a pair of fantastic matches last night.

1. A 5-man team that had Azmodan, Raynor, Kael, Tyrande, Arthas. Basically pick the most OP flavor of the month, give them a tanky frontliner and cheese a win. Left a sour taste in the mouth.

2. I was Kharazim - our team was Li Ming, Nazeebo, Jaina, Raynor.

We faced a team of Kerrigan, Genji, Kael, Azmodan, Tyrande.

Li Ming never connected to the game, Nazeebo started by saying "hello, I'm new", Jaina spent the whole game acting exactly like a beginner bot. (Even with the retarded twitching that the bots occasionally do when the script gets stuck in between two choices.) Needless to say, that was the end of my play session for the night.
Only way to balance QM is to delete all team comp requirements, match MMR only, put the rule no more then 2 or a class other then DPS. Then say no balance will be done based on the mode, if you want a specific comp friends or play draft.
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Constantly getting disgusting stomps where one team is full of level 1000+ plat+ players and my team are level 100 noobs.

This never happens,, there is always noobs and plats on both sides. The only solution is to stop putting noobs automatically in plat. Make them work their way up from bronze 10,0000 for at least 500 games. No ability to work their way up the ladder till they get past that point.
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Yes just a little bit.
Try UR, it's better.
Quickmatch was designed to be a clown fiesta.

Play ranked if you want good quality games
QM for testing heros, and fun with friend, if you want balanced game please play ranked

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