trash matchmaking is trash

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REALLY tired of having dps on my team having 18k dmg by level 20 a 45% win rate multiple seasons and still master for some reason .
Look at the main roles played by Grand Masters on the Grand Master leaderboard.

You will see GM's usually play a very specific role, for reasons already touched by you.

A bad support is tolerable, a bad tank who doesn't know when to initiate or back off is tolerable, a damage dealer who can't deal damage is a lost game.
I just had a match where my team consisted of Me( Alexstrasa) Deckard, Abathur, Fenix and Uther VS Gazlowe, Li Ming, Kel'thas, Lt' Moralas and Xul. WTF kinda BS is that. Oh and the fenix did 11k dmg....Deckard almost had that much.

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