Junkrat Q ability Quick Cast bugs.

Bug Report
Sometime within the past month or so, something changed about how Junkrat's Q ability, "Frag Launcher", fires with quick cast enabled. In the past holding Q with quick cast would fire the projectiles 1 at a time toward the position of the mouse cursor when each shot fires. So if you held Q, and swept your mouse across the screen (while moving or stationary), each shot would fire toward different locations. Currently, holding down Q locks the target location of where ALL the projectiles fire to. So if you sweep your mouse while holding Q now, the projectiles will all fly toward the original cursor position of when you first pressed Q. In addition, it seems they fire faster than they do if you manually pressed Q for each shot. The cooldown between each shot is supposed to be 0.5 seconds, but holding Q with quick cast on seems to fire them with a lower cooldown between shots. It's almost like a burst fire mode.

EDIT: I just someone who reported this back on August 15th. Apparently this bug also affects Zagara's banelings. This should give you a better idea of which patch introduced this issue.


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