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You have to be the player whom destroys the fort. As in, the last hit has to be yours and your flag gets placed on the fort/keep. It's a really bad way of doing quests.

Blizzard: "HOTS is a team game; work together with the power of teamwork."
Also Blizzard: "Betray your teammates' trust and we'll give you some cat stickers."
09/30/2018 01:46 PMPosted by FuZZed
Trying to complete the new special quest but some of them are bugged.
With Whiteman, the "Destroy 6 forts or keep" just doesn't work.

You have to win the game in order to get credit for the quest. Trying doing this new modern thing called reading before blindly posting on the forums.
Just play vs ia with a spec or something good in takedown forts and win that game.
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