If the vast majority of games are QM, how can it be better?

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10/01/2018 08:17 AMPosted by Arangunnar
The solutions are out there, but Blizzard has to be willing to explore them. Why not introduce a better matchmaker? Why not introduce a blind pick mode? Why not straight up remove QM and UD and introduce Whatevername mode where you can pick and play whatever you want but some form of matchmaking occurs. Why not introduce a mode where you queue with a favourite selected but as soon as you see which map and comp you are fighting you can alter the hero within the class you queue as for 30 seconds before the game loads?

I for one would like a blind pick mode, where you ready up with a hero, and no one on your team can select that hero unless you select and lock in a different hero. The games are matched by MMR only not roles. After a game is created the game starts when 15 seconds has passed since the last person changed heroes or 75 seconds whichever comes first. To prevent trolling by constantly switching a person can not reset the clock more then 2 times for the 15 second countdown. You can not see the enemy team's heroes just the classes they have selected.

This gives QM the ability to set it's own team comps, the games would actually be slightly faster since you are no longer trying to match role for role and MMR at the same time. You eliminate all the cries of we got 5 assassins, or they got a real tank and we did not. It allows you to change your hero if the Map is bad for the hero, it allows you to change your hero if you feel that your team comp isn't going to work.

After that is done, I would like the default number of free heroes to some how total what is needed for unranked draft, why are players locked out of draft modes for so long, new players are funneled into a mode that fosters griefing by being able to pick oppressive heroes by players using a smurf account.
Yeah, just let me pick my favorite heroes but be able to change when needed.

Just 30 sec to finalize your pick, still a quick match.

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