is matchmaking gotten worse?

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since the new patch i played for quite a time done like 4 hero league games and won only a few games both qp and hl together so is it just me or has the matchmaking gotten much much worse?
Nah, but everybody got back for the new season and the quests.
I see the clownfiesta as well.
People are leaving the game in droves because of the months and months of reduced map rotations, bad map reworks, bad hero reworks, and blizzard's utter stubborn refusal to even look into their horribly broken report system. Those few who remain are becoming increasingly mismatched in skill, so the matchmaking is forced to make broken teams because it has no pool to draw from.
I would say new players or coming back players. If people were leaving, I would see the increase of skill, the same people, and knowledge base players who are more dedicated who can actually play. Increase of noob activities usually mean new players.
It's the worst matchmake system in the industry for a long time now. So now it hasn't gone worse, it's just as bad as before. TL is a joke now, but wasn't good before as well.

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