Qm is broken atm?

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Since the beggining of the event teams in qm have become incredibly unbanaced

Every match, we have 3 squishy mages/assasins while enemy has 2 tanks + bruiser, and a lot of the time teams dont have tanks at all.One time we even had 2 healers and no tank against a team with just 1 healer.

Did they change the way teams are made last patch? Or there are so many people playing that system just dgaf and just throws everyone into a match?
I felt this as well but wasn't sure if it was broken or not.
Last I checked https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Quick_Match were the current rules of Qm comps.

1. Possible no warriors either side. If a side has at least one warrior then the other has at least one warrior. A side can have more warriors then the other, as long as at least one present. It tries to limit it 2 warriors a team. DVA (bruiser), Sonya(bruiser), and zarya(sustain) do not count as warriors despite in game labels.

2. Same as rule one only for supports. Tassadar (sustain) does not count as a support despite in game labels. Not sure if tyrande counts as support after rework or if she is still sustain.

3. If no supports present for both sides and one gets at least one sustain, then they both get sustains. The sustain despite in game labels are Abathur, Zarya, Medivh, and Tassadar. Not sure if Tyrande is still sustain after rework. If a support is present for both sides, all sustain become others (same group as assassin, specialist, bruiser).

4. Unless mentioned, everything else is others. The mm does not differentiate assassin/specialist, squishy/tanky, cc, synergies, ranged/mellee, etc.

5. Pre made groups can ignore all previous rules.
I've found that every game is so one sided. It seems like one team just stomps the other. I remeber blizz saying something about tags for heroes so Genji is like assassin mobile and tracer would have the same tags to kinda balance it. that was only about 11 months ago at blizzcon and nothing since.. so yea...

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