Did I picked the last quest?

Bug Report
Okay first of all my mouse is dying so it double clicks instead of just clicking, so when i was picking the last quest(tombstone one), my mouse just skipped all the dialogue in a second.

And I did not had a chance to check both before picking one(1), so I ended up with the devil looking one, now on the daily quest/progression bar on the bottom right the quest does not appear at the top (2), so I'm just confused if i do have the quest or not.

Since the quest in itself says winning game(s) meaning multiple times and the quest not keeping track i believe that my account indeed did not pick the quest and is just visually "bugged".

so i got two screenshots of what it looks like:

1. https://imgur.com/YxHqhef

2. https://imgur.com/m4vkvYR

thx for reading all this and if you come this far i say - thank you -
Same bug in the finally SpecialEvent quest. Hope some can help us figure it out.
seems it is the network bug. When you click the first quest, and network delayed, then you click the second quest, the game does not know which quest you choose, so the game crashed.

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