Can not complete Healing the Wounded quest still....

Bug Report
I am unable to complete the Healing the Wounded quest. I have completed it multiple times in winning games, it still says 0 healing. Please look into this blizzard.
Is it the quest line shown at the top of the quest log?

If you have another quest line, change to it then back again.
Restart Heroes app.

The is no quest credit from Brawl, Custom Games nor Vs AI (Training) modes.
Yes it is the quest line show at the top of the quest log. Only played and won on Unranked/QM/Ranked. This is a BUG not user error. I have completed multiple other quests for the event.

It will not allow me to complete the quest.
I have a similar bug - just won MVP in QM as Nova on Gardens of Terror with Leading the Charge as my active quest, but I didn't get credit for ANY hero damage done during the match. It is the quest that shows at the top of my quest log, and believe me, you don't get MVP as Nova while also getting 0 Hero damage as Nova.
I have the same problem.

And I don't know who's going around "downvoting" that this bug is still around, IT IS STILL A BUG, IT WAS NOT FIXED 100%.

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