Two Bugs with new Garden terror map?

Bug Report
I just played a game with the new map and I noticed 2 bugs regarding the terrors themselves

When the terror places the potted plant that "disables enemy towns", the disabling only worked on the towers, not the keeps behind them. Resulting that our team, and the enemy being shot down even though theres a visual clue that makes it so that it looks diabled.

At the climax of the game the lanes were pushed all the way to the enemies core, but they managed to get the third curse. What happend insted of the three terrors going into seperate lanes was that one went top and the other two going mid lane, and none bot. This resulting in a major push mid and we lost. Im not saying that we would have won that game if this did not happen, but the enemy team got such a big power swing that ended the game.

In my opinion theese things should not happen, but they did. Am I wrong, or are they supposed to happen this way?

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