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Ever since they removed the stun on attack from Avatar (which had to go, it was ridiculously oppressive), I've always been a little peeved that all it is now is just a temporary health gain. Now that's not bad any means, because Muradin's base kit is so good and can do a lot with that health. But on the other hand, he gets to turn into this awesome giant- that mechanically does nothing. I'd really like if Avatar just did a little something that said "I'm a giant stone dwarf". However, I really can't think of what could be added (because again his kit already does so much)?
It adds a ton to his sustain and makes him harder to kill. I really don't understand how a self ancestral heal that makes his thunder clap heal even stronger is a bad thing.
He's already really good. As much as I would like to see Avatar improve his attack damage as well as his health (or something along those lines), he could easily become overtuned because of it. ;p
No reason to improve it. Mura has 50% wn on all leagues.Most balanced tank in game.

+ the use of avatar is kinda simple. It goes GREAT with dmg on one(no need for sustain),2 strikes on w,healing static, extra heal on 16.

As you can see avatar works with just about all talent tiers. It makes his kit as a whole better.

On 20 it works great with rewind. And if you have aba on your team "shudder" you pick avatar upgrade.

Full hat aba + lvl 20 mura is insane. I have won 3 vs 1.5 with these 2.When enemy master player alarak pushes you away instead toward their team you know you are a problem.
they actually probably need to nerf his basic abilities a tiny bit and buff his avatar
if you don't play the meta build and NEVER take avatar (literally just don't fight such that you need that extra health -- he's as mobile as a genji) he's super OP.
Avatar is propably the most boring ultimate in this game. Anyway, it does it's job good so we won't see any change to it any time soon.
Actually figured out how to make his Ult interesting; flips his passive trait and halves the time for it.

So, gives you 2k extra health, and you constantly self-heal as long as you're within 2 seconds of taking or giving damage
Stun on hit with avatar was never an issue, until medic, stimatar was no joke.
If it's not broken, do not fix it.

Muradin is one of the most well balanced and versatile heroes on the roster. The only other hero that I can think of that can share that achievement is Valla.

Avatar does not need to do anything more than make him harder to kill. Both his base kit and non-heroic talents do enough as is to make him a headache maker for just anyone that he comes across. Thunder Burn, Healing Static, and Stoneform when combined with Avatar makes it damn near impossible to kill him.

Then there is the storm talent which makes his survival even more ridiculous with 20 armor and cooldown for two of his skills.

Any buffs and I do mean ANY would turn him into a monster that would give way to a tide of complaint threads about how our resident mountain king is completely unkillable...again.

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