Favorite Heroes/Builds in ARAM?

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I know you can't control what you end up with, but which heroes do you enjoy playing the most in ARAMs? One of the fun things about that mode is that you can use builds or talents that are often not optimal in normal matches.

For me, seeing Diablo as one of my picks always makes me grin, and I had a chance to play the reworked Kerrigan in the latest brawl. She was far more fun than I expected, as I hadn't played her in quite some time.

Deckard with Scroll talents and Lorenado is also one of my favorite choices in there.

What are some of yours?
"Invoker" is best hero in "aram" mode. Learn what is "aram" called in hots first to post a topic.
I always go for Sgt. Hammer if I can.
Zul´jin with Guillotine/Twin Cleave build; it is absolutey hillarious.
Auriel with those late game 5k burst healing is amazing.
Kelthuzad, Junkrat (traaaaps!) and Sylvanas are my fav brawl heroes.

EDIT - oh wait, its aram week!
1. Zuljin - https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/zuljin#o3fB
Sometimes at 20 I choose Buzzsaw. Level 4 is a situation-dependent choice

2. Thrall - https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/thrall#l0Mk
sometimes - https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/thrall#l2ZO

3. Zagara - https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/zagara#hEOn

I always win with these heroes with the best stats.

PS: I saw once (opponent) Zul'jin who made 450k dmg. It was a very stupid and long match, everyone played YOLO.
Any hero that can stack indefinitely. (Zagara, Butcher)

Or a hero with an ult that almost covers the lane (Hanzo, Sgt. Hammer)
Li-Ming Astral Presence full Orb build, just constantly pump out damage if you have a good front line and the enemy has no dive.

KT is another fun one with Mana Addict, watch it all burn.

Probius can also be quite fun, my last game we had the option to take two Probes, warp fields for days, the enemy had no place to go.
Alarak is legit broken in ARAM. Infinite, super easy stacking for E and he can basically 1v5 lategame.
kael is god in ARAM
getting a kael on your team is an auto win

my favourite to play is Li Ming orb build, orbs for days!

worst thing to see is an ally pick samuro, murky or TLV.
10/01/2018 02:51 AMPosted by Atum
Li-Ming Astral Presence full Orb build

absolute wood league player detected
10/01/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Fiskehude
absolute wood league player detected

Coming from a guy who can´t even understand that an ARAM plays quite a bit different from the other modes and has it´s very own meta.

On topic, i rediscovered Zarya through ARAM. More damage in close range++Graviton Surge can wipe a full team even without help. CDR talent to get shields/heroic more often. With a bit of coordination on heroics it is amazing; had a Butcher with Furnace Blast on the team and they died like flies.
10 murky aram was awesome sauce. Just saying...
to the contrary, I am talking specifically about aram.

if you take anything other than power hungry, you are an absolute wood league clown.
ZulJin, Alarak and Zarya are amazing
I just wish this was a permanent game mode. I love when it's the brawl.
Kharazim (mana trait) and Guldan.
butI haven't played in 8 moths.
Tracer #1
A late game Gathering Storm followed by a Hinterland Blast.

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