Favorite Heroes/Builds in ARAM?

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Whenever my team gets TWO sgt. hammers for some reason. It happened twice already, and it made the enemy completely miserable and hopeless both times.

Why is that allowed?
09/30/2018 11:41 AMPosted by rcw
Zul´jin with Guillotine/Twin Cleave build; it is absolutey hillarious.
This. The chunking is so insanely real.
I wish I could just ragnaros every game..... the only time that lava wave would actually be good and it's not allowed, oh well.

I try to play mages if I can preferably li ming.
Medivh is insanely good, his arcane rift can just pump out tonnes of aoe hero damage and has safety in a shield and an escape
Once made around 40 kills with Alarak in one-lane weekly brawl.

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