Idea: Allow trading skins, mounts, etc. among friends.

Hero and Skin Suggestions
I know the main issue here is third party websites selling this stuff themselves but that can be countered with a friends quest which must be completed before unlocking trades and/or gifting.

Create a friends quest where you must play 100-500 games with a friend. Once completed allow us to trade a legendary skin for a legendary skin, epic skin for epic skin, etc. Or just allow straight up gifting of skins, mounts, etc. I think that trading instead of gifting would be more secure and fully prevent monetizing of third parties.
i dont understand how gifting nor trading can prevent monetizing of 3rd party.

but trading skins in hots would'nt be viable for HOTS in the mid long run.

how can they pay for constant heroes creation, skin creation, mount creation, ranking seasons, special events ETC. if they dont sell anything anymore, since people get what they want from trading.

personally, i would like to see it happen. but it Cannot happen, sadly.

They gave me mephisto, and i am super satisfied, now time to beg for Bremm Sparkfist.

sorry for poor english, aint my natal language.

Steven Boulanger

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