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I don't know how good this is but i'm submitting it. Also the stats could be changed
Base Info
Title: Kyle Vlaros, Blackthorn
Role: Ranged Assassin
Difficulty: Medium
Franchise: Blackthorne

Base Stats
Attack type: Ranged
Attack speed: 1
Attack range: 3.5
Attack damage: 50x5
Health: 1,400
Health regen: 2.34
Armor: 0
Resource: 450 Mana
Mana regen: 2.700

Duality [Passive]
Starts with 50% Light and 50% Dark. Dark increases damage and armor. Light increases health regen and mana regen. Talents can increase and decrease either darkness or light. If darkness is more than 10% higher than light 2% armor gained on basic attacks on hero for 4 seconds.

Q ability
Fire bomb [Skill shot]
Cooldown: 12 sec
50 mana
(Think Lt. Morales’s displacement grenade and Sgt. Hammer’s Napalm strike) Throws a bomb that explodes when it hits the ground dealing 213 damage and creating a flame zone where enemy heroes, minions and mercenaries take 46 damage per second

W ability
Cooldown: 16 sec
45 mana
(Think Lt. Morales’s spider mines and genji’s cyber agility ) Throws out a silver disc that he can jump on. If it’s near terrian it can be used to jump over terrain. After being used movement speed is slightly increased

E ability
Fire fight! [Skillshot]
Cooldown: 24 sec
60 mana
(Think Tychus’s odin’s annihilate) Kyle points at an area. Three assault rifles fire in a straight 83 damage in rapid succession for four seconds. (So if you get hit every time you’ll take 249 damage).

Heroic 1
Fire team
Cooldown: 90 sec
Mana: 80
(Think Xul’s frost mages) Kyle yells in a radio and seven black cables drop down on him and seven soldiers in black slide down and unload at any enemy hero or monster in front of them. They attack like marines but they attack twice as fast and deal 130 damage a shot each in bursts of 3. After eight seconds they vanish.

Heroic 2
Restoration potion
Cooldown: 95 sec
Mana: 85
When drunk, Kyle regains all of his health.

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