To return or not to return...

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Play it, decide for yourself, and don't listen to the losers that should of left a long time ago and are still here.
The abuse of report system have hit me and was a release for me, trying to take a break a long time.

But sometime I think in return but... with this thread... for real... Jeff on Overwatch and Steam will remain my saviors LOL
Brother.. the game is very cool and very fun !!

Never go to a game's forum to get "a feel" and decide if you want to play or not... forums are plagued by negativity and people moaning to small things..

Just play the game and have fun !! didn't work? not your thing? then you are free to play something else :)
09/27/2018 09:06 PMPosted by Piximae
I was wondering if the game has improved or not for those who enjoy specialists or not.

AI is there for you. Otherwise this isn't your type of game, being a "specialist" pve sort of player. It is a Team Pvp oriented game and always was. Try wow.

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