Team league solo queue: anyone having success?

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I enjoy the new team league format. It reduced the search time A LOT.

However, I think people solo queueing in team league are having a hard time winning.

My record this season:

Solo queue: 1 win 5 losses (16,6% winrate)
Paired: 16 wins 3 losses (84,2% winrate)

Am I doing something wrong? We shouldn't solo queue in team league?
Across 2 accounts with gold mmr (never played TL before) I'm 12/2 so far, all solo.
Just doing it for the fun few freewins though, the mode can not be serious since it is so easy to abuse (it has been and allowing solo players in will just make it worse, because even more effective).

So no, you shouldn't go solo in team league or only for the lulZ.
Skipped tl for the most part so I got placed in gold 3. Easy wins. Should lessen as you go up the ladder.

Understand ppl at this rank still don't grasp the basics and take advantage of that.
For example you seem to be duoing with a certain MidnightSky that has a SUPERTANKED mmr in team league. Whenever you duo with him you are actually gaming the system by playing with someone whose mmr is lower than their actual skill level.

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