Don't respond to this i was tired

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We'll know they aren't if they don't put a blue post here in under 1 week!

As in, if they don't blue post this, they're not overlooking the forums!
...or they're not responding to posts about nothing... like this one.
How old are you seriously ? If you're gonna be campaigning against blizzard and their lack of activity on the forum (besides closing threads ofc) please use valid points and arguments. I actually don't want you sitting in my corner and "making points" if it's gonna be that risible.
Post on Reddit if you want dev attention.
They only respond to posts like these:

"I finally broke out of bronze 5 after 5,000 games! Yay!"
"What hero do you think Ghostcrawler (or other dev) would be IRL?
"Or a question like, I play terrible and everyone hates me in every single match, when are you going to allow us to report the entire game population????"
Or "I have been playing for 5 minutes and I LOVE this game!" --- sometimes they posted this themselves.

Finally there is always the stickied post about what they will do to all players next like:
"If you kill more than your fair share of enemy players you will be silenced.. 3x and you will have your silence lengthened each time, 4th time is ban from the game. This is so enemy players can have their safe spaces and legitimately feed on your towers"
considerig your assumption that blues would only be deemed active if they respond to your personal thread is against the coc, thus even less likely to happen, you excluding when blues edit-post content as a means if indicating activity likely means you havent noticed when the mods are active-not uncommon— which undermines your whole claim.

Yay ignorance \o/
This is why blizzard employees don't interact with this forum.
pls it was 2 in the morning no hate pls

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