Brightwing Movement Speed Bug(?)

Bug Report
Noticed in a game today that if you take the Speedy Dragon Talent at Level 20 (Permanently gain 20% Movement Speed.) you move at 120% Movement Speed but when you activate Pixie Dust it doesn't give you the additional 20% Movement Speed, you just stay at 120% rather than going to 140%.
If you take the Pixie Boost Talent at Level 13 (Pixie Dust gives 40% bonus Movement Speed, decaying to 20% over 3 seconds.) then Speedy Dragon at 20, you will only move at a maximum of 140% Movement Speed, not 160%.

I don't know if this is intentional that Pixie Dust will ONLY put you to 120% Movement Speed (without Pixie Boost) but it seems worded wrong if that's the case, it seems like Speedy Dragon + Pixie Dust (without Pixie Boost) should make you move at 140% and Speedy Dragon + Pixie Dust (with Pixie Boost) should make you move at 160%.
This is intentional for movement speed as you have found.

Movement speed buffs do not stack. A character gets the largest of any applied bonus.
You'll have to explain it a bit more because from what I'm thinking about it still seems like you're getting shortchanged some Movement Speed.

Like Speedy Dragon = 120% Movement Speed
+ Pixie Dust (with Pixie Boost) should = 160%?

Why do you only go up to 140%? Speedy Dragon is a flat passive Movement Speed Bonus of 20%, Pixie Dust (with Pixie Boost) is an additional 40%.

It acts like the Speedy Dragon Movement Speed increase isn't there.
I think I get what you're saying but I still feel like you're getting shortchanged Movement Speed, Speedy Dragon isn't an active ability, it's a flat passive increase.

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