Items and Loot Chest forcefully utilized and rolled back

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As of the recent hot fix to patch 2.38 I noticed some peculiarities with my accounts in the EU and Asia.

For my EU account (9/26/2018) I noticed after the 2.38 hot fix two things happened:
1) The default mount I had last chosen for my character, Whitemane, was changed upon log in to a normal horse mount.
2) A banner I had unlocked Witches & Wardens Warcrest (this particular tint I had equipped) had entirely vanished from my inventory.

Now as of logging in and playing on my Asia (9/27/2018) account I noticed several things have happened.
1) My starter loot chest had been opened and the stimpack activated, I know this because Uther had been unlocked on my character selection slot and I currently have a 7 day stimpack active.
2) One of my other loot chests had vanished as well, this one contained a 3 day stimpack.

Now after chatting with a customer representative there have been no irregular activities with my account upon verification, so this wasn't a matter of someone accessing my account without authorization. Moreover, as noted with the EU account one of the items had vanished entirely, which is simply not possible for players.

The customer representative advised me to post this on the forums for assistance as they were unable to do anything aside forwarding my chat conversation to a possible person of interest.

So with that I post this topic hoping for you assistance on the matter.

Thank you
For the item that disappeared I think there might be some glitch as it looks like other people have odd interactions with it:

And it does seem I'm not the only one to experience the odd rollback:

Aside that only other detail I can add to what happened on the above is that none of my other accounts on other games I play, i.e. WoW, have been tampered with in any form or manner. It's purely this game wherein I have issues of my loot chest being opened and my item disappearing.

Please help.

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