We need a Bowsette legendary skin

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Think about it, Blizzard is no stranger to fan service. We have a few Evangalion colored skins, Morales' Samus skin, and I'm sure theres plenty more.

So why not ride on the coat tails of the Bowsette meme and make a Bowsette skin?

It could be for Yrel who already has a close body structure. (Horns and tail) Her hammer could just be based on the ones from Mario Bros.

Kerrigan's succubus skin wouldn't require much changing, just remove the wings.

It could be for Alexstrasza who definitely has the curves for it.

But IMO it should be for Diablo. We already have a genderbent version of him, so why not take it a step further? S/he has the perfect moveset for such a character.

Anyways, I'd totally buy it even if it was LEGENDARY.

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